World’s greatest breakfast spots: Barcelona, Dubai, London and...Skegness!

The family team at Windy's Cafe, Paul, Trudi, Ashley and Thomas Windle.
The family team at Windy's Cafe, Paul, Trudi, Ashley and Thomas Windle.

A Michelin starred chef from Skegness has listed a humble cafe in his old hometown as one of the world’s greatest breakfast spots.

Windy’s Cafe on Drummond Road featured alongside glamorous restaurants in London, Barcelona and Dubai as some of Jason Atherton’s favourite places to have breakfast.

In a feature for The Telegraph, the award-winning restaurateur, said: “I’ve been going there for years, along with everyone else in Skegness.

“It’s a proper greasy spoon so there’s no messing around, just three types of fried breakfast: little, large and builders’.

“The builders’ has everything: black pudding, fried bread, two eggs, two rashers of bacon, two sausages, tomatoes, beans... You name it, it’s on there.

“You won’t need to eat for the rest of the day.”

Cafe owner Paul ‘Windy’ Windle says he was ‘gobsmacked’ when a customer showed him the newspaper and has been boasting about it ever since.

He said: “We are just a little cafe from Skegness so to get worldwide recognition is a great thing, not just for us but for Skegness as well.”

Despite having heard of the famous chef, who is also a regular guest on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, Paul says he was treated just like any other customer.

“I know he was a local lad but I’ve never recognised him, so he didn’t get any special treatment,” he said.

“We appreciate our regular customers and are known as a local cafe and the holidaymakers tend to come back each year.”

The family run cafe was set up by Paul and his wife Trudi, 11 years ago this day (February 14) and has continually strived to produce good honest food at a reasonable price.

The couple’s two sons Ashely and Thomas also work at the cafe and together, Paul says they are very happy with the business.

Paul hopes the culinary star’s glowing reference will bring a boost to their trade, even if he misnamed the menu’s full monty as a builders’ breakfast.

“We’ll just change the menu to suit,” said Paul.