Town left out of new Lonely Planet guide

Town manager Lisa Collins with the latest Lonely Planet England guide
Town manager Lisa Collins with the latest Lonely Planet England guide

Travel publisher Lonely Planet has received a ticking off from the town’s tourism bosses after leaving Skegness out of its new guide to England.

The 2015 edition does not include Skegness, despite its status as the fifth most visited seaside resort in Britain.

The town was featured in the previous Lonely Planet England guidebook, but has now been ignored along with the rest of the Lincolnshire coast.

Lincoln, Stamford and Boston are the only places in the county included in the travel title.

Rival seaside resorts featured include Blackpool, Eastbourne, Cromer, Whitby and , Scarborough.

Visit East Lincolnshire chairman Chris Baron described the town’s omission as ‘disappointing’ but claimed there were ‘more important’ publications promoting it.

He said: “I don’t know how many of our visitors would read Lonely Planet. When the last edition came out there was a lot of coverage of it describing Skegness as ‘tacky’.

He added: “Lonely Planet is more pitched at couples looking to visit somewhere different where we are a family resort. It is more important to get good reviews on TripAdvisor as being a great place to take the family.”

The 2013-14 Visit England survey found visitor satisfaction rate in Skegness was 91 per cent and 97 per cent for families.

Town manager Lisa Collins said: “This is really bad, Lonely Planet are missing a trick. Skegness is one of the UK’s premier seaside resorts.

“But we cannot rest on our laurels and a lot is being done to promote the area and widen its appeal.”

Lonely Planet destination editor for Britain James Smart said: “Our authors are independent experts who visit every location and choose the best experiences for the traveller, they will return to the Lincolnshire coastline when researching the next edition of the guide and look again at our coverage.”