‘Goodbye’ to Good Companions club after 60 years

Skegness Good Companions Club says goodbye after 60 years.
Skegness Good Companions Club says goodbye after 60 years.

After running for about 60 years it was a sad day for members of the Skegness Group of Good Companions when they met for the last time recently.

Member Doris Lenton mentioned what a sad day it was for everyone and then went on to make a speech.

A spokesman for the club said: “Doris had been a loyal member for many years and her late husband Dick, a splendid pianist, also attended the club for many years playing the piano at the start and finish at each weekly meeting and is still sadly missed and remembered by those attending.”

After the buffet, Eileen Hogg stood up and recited a poem dedicated to chairman Joyce Bonnett.

Joyce said she believed the Good Companions had been running for about 60 years and she had been chairman for the past 11 years, and enjoying it very much making many friends during that time.

She said at one time there used to be 60 members attending every week, but unfortunately attendance had dwindled due to deaths and illness and old age.

Joyce went on to explain how she was sorry for the loss of the club due to her giving up the role due to her age - but added that no-one had volunteered to take the job on. She said she will miss all the many friends she has made over the years.

Members had enjoyed day trips, annual Christmas Lunches, speakers covering many subjects, bingo, singers serenading, and pianist and organist playing good old-fashioned music.

The spokesman added: “Sadly, Eric Black, a regular special guest was invited to attend that day but had to cancel through poor health will always be fondly remembered by everyone for the way he played his organ, and for his friendship and pleasing personality. He is wished well by all the members. Eric was always accompanied by his charming wife Edith who handed out the sing-song sheets to everyone.”

They added: “Sadly, All good things must come to an end, and at the end of the last meeting everyone said ‘goodbye’ to their good companions!”

On their final meeting, members enjoyed a buffet, cake and entertainment with bouquets presented to chairman Joyce Bonnett, treasurer Doris Lenton, and vice-chairman Mike Allum, who were thanked for their dedicated work over the years. A bouquet was also presented to Pauline Allum the vice-chairman’s wife.

The cake, made and donated by member Ivy Smith, awas cut and shared out and everyone commented how delicious it was.