'Don't miss out on stars of future'

Janice Sutton Productions -  Musicality.
Janice Sutton Productions - Musicality.

A former dancer with a Skegness theatre school has put pen to paper to express why it is important to support the wealth of local grown talent who are entertaining hundreds of visitors every year.

Debbie Jenner was a member of the Janice Sutton Theatre School and enjoyed an international showbiz career before returning to Lincolnshire.

Janice Sutton Productions -  'Musicality'.

Janice Sutton Productions - 'Musicality'.

This summer's production ' Musicality' has received standing ovations, but according to Debbie, many visitors are missing out on seeing an amazing show...

"Whilst online and surfing through old nostalgic photos of Skegness, I stumbled across a few postcards of Fred Clements and his various troupes of entertainers.

Fred moved here in 1900 and put on many a show keeping the holidaymakers entertained and was key in establishing live theatre in Skegness building a few theatres along the way.

He built The Arcadia which some people will remember, and what is now the Tower Cinema started life as one of his theatres.

It got me thinking that such a lot has changed concerning the type of holiday people now have in Skegness and what we class as entertainment.

I remember growing up in the 1970’s when you couldn’t walk down the Seafront in the evening for the crowds and the various theatres were packed out.

Besides the Arcadia we had the theatre at the end of the pier, there was the Festival Pavilion, and of course The Embassy and everyone went to see at least one show during their stay here.

But now you could fire a cannon down the seafront and wouldn’t hit anyone. Gone are the theatres bar one, and people are now tucked up in their hotel, B&B or caravan watching some form of entertainment usually on the internet. Which brings me to me writing this piece in the first place.

We all need to support live theatre and especially local live theatre and in particular Janice Sutton's. productions who for the last 30-odd years have put on the most fabulous shows at The Embassy Theatre.

I moved back to Lincolnshire a few years ago after a very successful international showbiz career and have been deeply disappointed at the lack of local support shown to these productions.

Ticket sales are just not good enough and do not reflect the standard of the show.

The productions Janice and her team puts on are extremely professional and highly entertaining.

She has a fabulous team of creative collaborators, the costumes are out of this world with no expense spared, the set, the lighting it’s all there and the talent of the cast is incredible. For a small town production it hits the heights.

The audience leave the theatre absolutely buzzing; I can vouch for that. If you haven’t (yet) made the effort to go and see the latest production ‘Musicality’, get your skates on as you have only two more chances!

You will not regret it.

People of Skegness, and those holidaying here, you should be proud of this little band of local people who put their all into entertaining you.

I know Fred Clements would have been so pleased to see that local talent is keeping his legacy alive. Go support them and have a fabulous evening to boot!"

Musicality: The Embassy Theatre. Thursday August 22 nd , Thursday August 29 th . 7.30pm. Tickets are 17,- for adults and 10,- for children.