Console Corners: PS4 gamers to get PC and Mac streaming capability

You will soon be able to stream PS4 games to your PC or Mac
You will soon be able to stream PS4 games to your PC or Mac

Things are really good for PlayStation 4 owners right now with a string of top titles and a major update on the way soon.

The console’s new 3.50 firmware - which is still in beta - will give PS4 gamers the ability to stream their games to PC and Mac, Sony announced on Tuesday.

The feature will be out for testing by select PlayStation users “soon” and will also include revised social features, such as the ability to appear offline to your friends.

As yet there has been no mention of a release date for the update, codenamed “Musashi” but the major firmware updates usually come along soon after testing.

The streaming feature is called Remote Play and allows PlayStation 4 owners to stream gameplay to select devices over their home internet connection - similar to the way it works with PS TV.

Up until now, the service has been locked to PlayStation Vita, the recently discontinued PlayStation TV microconsole, and certain lines of Sony phones.

While it is an exciting advancement for PS4 owners, Sony are in many respects just playing catch-up to Microsoft.

The PS4’s main rival the Xbox One already has the ability to stream its gameplay to Windows 10 PCs over a home network.

It’s unclear how the implementation will look on PC and Mac with mixed reports on the use of the same feature on PSTV.

Using Sony’s micro wireless streaming box, gaming was very hit and miss and obviously hugely dependent on internet speeds.

A surefire Hit!

In other news, gamers are in for a treat next week when the new Hitman game is released.

The cult action-adventure stealth video game will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from March 11 in an episodic release format.

It will be the sixth entry in the Hitman video game series and the game takes place after the events of Absolution.