Baby shark among the first fish to arrive at Skegness Aquarium

The wet lab display area inside Skegness Aquarium.
The wet lab display area inside Skegness Aquarium.

Things are going swimmingly at Skegness Aquarium - with the fish now arriving on site in time for the grand opening later this month.

The first of the various species of tropical marine and freshwater creatures - including a baby shark - arrived earlier this week.

Skegness Aquarium

Skegness Aquarium

Teen Spirit, the company behind the multi-million pound aquarium, said they are ‘very excited’ about how the project is progressing.

“We’ve taken our first fish delivery, and the animals are settling nicely into quarantine where their health and appetite will be monitored before they go into their display exhibits,” explained Teen Spirit director Katrina Graham.

“We’ve received common seahorses, horseshoe crabs, chocolate chip sea stars, and lots more fish and invertebrates. Our staff have fallen in love with our first baby shark, who is a male. His particular species is threatened so we hope our male will contribute to captive breeding programs.”

Further species will arrive later this week, including the popular marine clown fish, made famous by the film Finding Nemo, stingrays, unicorn tangs and the scarier-looking moray eels.

Inside the attraction the staff are in training to ensure the best experience is on offer for visitors - with demonstrations set to tell the story of Treasure Island, alongside information about tropical marine life and conservation. There will also be an interactive touch pool, wet lab presentation, sunken hold diver presentation and a children’s coral cave adventure play area.

“We are excited to say our first floor is complete and looks fabulous,” added Katrina. “We can’t wait for our visitors to experience the magical adventure we have in store and meet our fishy friends.”

No firm opening date has yet been set for the aquarium, situated on Tower Esplanade. The date will be released three days prior to the opening.