Artistic trio create exhibition at Gunby Hall

Jewellery and prints by Su France. Picture: Sue Nicholls.
Jewellery and prints by Su France. Picture: Sue Nicholls.

Collected, Captured, Cast is an exhibition at Gunby Hall, Estate and Gardens which features the work of three artists who have formed an artists’ collective especially for this exhibition.

Their collaboration is the result of a common love of nature and the connecting power of Instagram.

Their work features a mixture of detailed observations of flora, responses to landscape and the influences of human stories and relationships.

Su France has studied silversmithing for the last 15 years, as it is something that she sees as an ongoing learning process as her work evolves.

Living in rural Lincolnshire, Su is inspired by the landscape around her, as well as the plants she grows with her husband in their garden.

For this exhibition, many of the photos were taken in the grounds of Gunby itself, while much of the silver and bronze pieces are cast from specimens collected under the watchful eye of gardening staff, while others are inspired by the beauty of the landscape around the hall.

Sue Nicholls is a fine art textile artist, printmaker and photographer who lives in East Hertfordshire.

Sue is interested in the natural shapes and forms found in the arable fields and the plants and trees that populate verges and land boundaries.

Of particular interest is the effect of seasonal changes on landscape and the shifts in colours and patterns that this creates.

Her work for Captured, Collected, Cast is a mixture of pieces inspired directly by visits to Gunby Hall over the past few months and the profound sense of place connected with the house and grounds.

Fibre artist Helen Wilde (Ovo Bloom) creates textiles inspired by the natural world; combining her passion for flowers and botanicals with fibre art and embroidery within her Derbyshire home.

Helen is fascinated by the colours and patterns within Gunby’s garden which tells stories of colour, love, loss and passion.

Helen has communicated these floral colours within Gunby’s gardens using a variety of contemporary and traditional techniques; from flower presses to hand dyed embroidery silks.

Collected, Captured, Cast will be on display in the Orchard Gallery until Saturday, August 31.

The exhibition can be viewed between the hours of 11am and 5pm.

Entry to the exhibition is free but normal admission charges apply.

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