VIDEO: Spilsby ‘buzzing’ after pantomime success

A successful series of pantomime performances left Spilsby’s community ‘buzzing’ last week as audiences of all ages gathered for an onslaught of corny jokes, boos, hisses and cries of ‘he’s behind you’.

Spilsby Local Amateur Pantomime Society’s production of King Arthur and the Four Bears enjoyed a near sell-out run during the second of its annual shows since last year’s reformation.

The cast of Spilsby Local Amateur Pantomime Society's production of King Arthur and the Four Bears.

The cast of Spilsby Local Amateur Pantomime Society's production of King Arthur and the Four Bears.

SLAPS chairman Mike Morgan’s unusual take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears involved evil wizards, bumbling knights and a kidnapped moon to create a lovably ludicrous production filled with hilarity throughout.

The seasoned scriptwriter who also performed as Merlin - a dame, only too keen to employ her faded feminine charms - said the crowds at Spilsby Theatre were the best he had ever seen.

“I think it was a fantastic performance whole way through - the audiences were absolutely phenomenal and that’s what pantomime is all about,” he added.

Debuting director Colin Hinchcliffe has also praised the audiences, his team of actors and the back stage volunteers.

He said: “It was a community pantomime and all aspects of our community turned out in force - there was a real cross section.

“It went extremely well and shall remain in my memory for a long time to come.”

Several notable figures from the town also joined in with the fun, appearing in costumes far less dignified than befitting their usual respected roles, much to the audience’s amusement.

The Mayor of Spilsby Coun Michael Lenton dressed in a furry purple suit for his role as Daddy Bear and Father Peter Coates traded in his clerical garments for a fluffy white costume to perform as Polar Bear, both of whom joined together in a rousing rendition of The Bear Necessities alongside the rest of the Bear family (see video).

Michael said: “Some people might say that seeing me jumping around the stage, dressed as a bear is pretty much the same as when they see me in town.

“The great thing about this pantomime is that it brought the community together and there was a real buzz around town leading up to it, during and after.”