Twist in murder mystery play

Cast of the Hickory Dickory Murder EMN-161128-144232001
Cast of the Hickory Dickory Murder EMN-161128-144232001

The Dead Secrets theatre company present Hickory Dickory Murder at St Paul’s Baptist Church Hall, in Skegness.

A spokesman for the show said: “Brimful with untrustworthy characters, implausible plot twists and unbelievable conclusions - all based on suggestions from the audience - this is fast, funny and completely unique to the performance you see.”

“In this improvised golden age detective story, The Dead Secrets use audience suggestions to propel a world of untrustworthy characters through implausible plot twists towards the mystery’s thrilling, unbelievable conclusion.”

The Hickory Dickory Murder starts at 7.30pm this Thursday, December 1.

Tickets are available on the door priced at £10 for adults and £3 for students 10-years-old and over.

For further enquiries, call 01754 765645.