Theatre opens its doors once more

FESTIVITIES are gearing up for the fully fledged reopening of the Spilsby Theatre in April.

After months when the theatre’s doors remained closed and uncertainty surrounded its future, a new manager has moved in and is making preparations to see the historic building regain its role within the town.

Jane Scott and Bruce Knight began their role as managers in September have recruited volunteers from the community to help get the theatre looking its best and arranged some small events to welcome visitors through its doors once more.

In advance of the grand reopening there will be an opportunity for local musicians to welcome in the New Year in a harmonious fashion with a musical get together on New Years Day.

The Theatre will be open from 12pm to 3pm with log fires roaring in anticipation of the melodious offerings to fill the theatre with the sound of music.

Solo musicians or group ensembles are welcome to come and perform together or separately and to enjoy a drink or two at the bar which will be open for day.

To ensure the building and surrounding area are as palatable to the eye as would be deemed appropriate for a building devoted to the arts generous volunteers will be sprucing the place up on Saturday, January 15.

Members from APSE will be tidying up the grounds and are keen to hear from any other interested parties who would like to see the building look as attractive as possible for the benefit of the town and the arts.

Jane would also be pleased to hear from any schools in the area who would like to contribute to the opening night.

If there are choirs, drama clubs or other forms of performers that would like a stage to perform on they are cordially invited to do so. Interested parties for any of the above should contact Jaen Scott on 01790 752936.