Sound of Musicals is a ‘cracking’ production

THE NEW year got off to a cracking start at the Embassy with The Sound of Musicals presented by Janice Sutton Productions.

This colourful fast paced and well balanced show featured some of the best loved musicals from such classics as Fiddler on the Roof, Annie and Oliver to modern offerings such as We Will Rock You.

There was the ah factor from the tiny tots taking their first tentative steps on stage and the wow factor from the older dancers who impressed with their vocal as well as dancing skills.

As always this was an imaginatively staged show featuring a range of dance styles from the graceful fluidity of classical ballet to toe tapping scintillating rhythms and sandwiched between were acro, tap, jazz and speciality numbers.

I am always reluctant to give too much away as it will spoil the surprise element for those who have yet to see the show and we all know that the surprise element is one of the hallmarks of Janice’s shows, along with the stunning costumes, in a myriad of colours, all carefully chosen to complement each of the brilliantly choreographed routines.

One of the hit songs was It’s Not Where You start It’s Where You Finish - certainly this production finished on top thanks to the expertise of all the cast and of the production team of Janice Sutton, Joy Everett and Andrew Davison, Musical Director and singing coach Keith Weston and Drama Teacher Clare Smith.

The show continues on Saturday, January 7 at 7pm and Sunday, January 8 at 2.30pm.