Playgoers’ production will set pulses racing

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The cast of Gym and Tonic have been in training for this month’s Louth Playgoers production and, by all accounts, have now reached their peak.

The play is founded on the premise that keeping fit is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but some of Godber’s characters seem to be a little wide of the mark, with hilarious consequences.

Gym and Tonic feeds off our insecurities and our wish to be young and sexy forever. Because, as everyone knows, joining the gym is the ultimate way to achieve the body beautiful – and the perfect relationship.

In theory Godber, as ever, plugs into the running machine of life and creates an array of characters, from the nauseating to the neurotic, with a thrust of normality to balance things up.

The word in the changing rooms is that this production will once again pay serious homage to Godber’s sharp wit and observational humour, as a couple visit Scardale Hall Health Hydro in order to revitalise their flagging relationship. Needless to say, the comically dysfunctional staff and guests at the facility give them both something to think about, in one way or another. The whir of exercise machinery combines with the bump and grind of life to produce the kind of bitter-sweet comedy for which Godber is well known.

Everyone plays their part, from the sickeningly fit to the sickening-for-something and they are all striving for their personal best. It may be the perfect body, it may be the perfect marriage, but it soon becomes evident that money can’t buy everything. Counting calories, carbs and kilometres is all very well, but it will take more than that to get some of these relationships into shape.

In other words, you can expect things to get a little heated at times.

The cast are looking a lot fitter than they were before they started rehearsing, which bodes well. If, as they say, laughter is one of the best exercises, this production promises to deliver absolutely everything you need to get into shape.

l Performances: 7.30pm Monday, April 18-Saturday 23.

l Box office tel: 01507 600350 Mon-Sat 10am-1pm.

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