Station’s wave sculptures are ‘finally’ finished

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The long-awaited works to the wave sculptures oustide Skegness Railway Station have now been completed.

It comes almost two years since the sculptures were cordoned off and boarded up to prevent repeat occurrences, following the fall of a teenager who needed constructive surgery after riding a bike along the then newly-opened structure.

The waves formed part of the £750,000 station improvements,but the boy’s mother claimed: “It looks like an adventure playground, it’s an invitation for children to play on.”

Now, the wave-like sculptures have had ‘anti-skate’ studs installed as decorative pieces, moulded into seaside objects such as shells and starfish, to deter similar accidents. Finalisation of the works comes just six days shy of exactly two years to the day, since the then 14-year-old, fell and fractured his cheek bone.

Coun Colin Davie, executive member for highways at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “I’m very pleased that the changes we needed to make to the sculpture are now complete. First impressions count, and I believe this piece of art will make the visitor experience for people coming via train much more impressive and memorable.”

However, some Skegness town folk have been far from impressed.

Deputy Mayor of Skegness George Saxon said: “It seems a shame it took nearly two years to do it. It’s a bit of a disgrace really. The way it was constructed in the first place was not ideal, two years to complete the works is two years too long. At least it’s now finished and ready for when the visitors come to the town.”

Gemma MacDonald, proprietor of the Lumley public house and restaurant, who’s premises overlooks the train station, said: “Our customers had to look out at that through the window. It looked awful when it was all boarded up, so it’s an improvement.”

“But they could have done a lot more with the space and put it to better use. I don’t think even the added features will deter people climbing on it. If they’re going to do it they’re going to do it. I think it’s ridiculous that it’s taken two years to complete,” she added.