‘Stars’ do Janice Sutton proud

It felt like the whole of Skegness had turned out to applaud the work of the town’s ‘national treasure’ at the finale of the summer season’s big show, ‘Musicality’.

Every Thursday throughout the holidays, Janice Sutton Productions has dazzled visitors and locals alike with a spectacular mix of song and dance, with 22 different numbers and about 400 glittering costumes.

Only those ‘on the know’ had realised the show almost didn’t happen as Miss Sutton juggled caring for her sick husband, Ivan Sisson, with plans for the 34th annual show.

But Ivan was the first to tell her the show must go on - and she delivered in just five months.

A cast of 70 local talented singers and dancers took to the spotlight with hits from favourite West End stage shows.

Among the audience were former dancers with the school who had gone on to have careers of their own - but although they may have cheered louder on this night the spotlight was firmly on the young performers.

There were tears from the audience of mums, dads and friends as they watched the girls and boys have their moment of fame.

Adding to the professionalism was a line-up of older performers, including Trevor Tenton, the theatre school’s drama and singing teacher Claire Smith, Rob Callaby, Alfie Hobbins and long-term performers with Janice, Katie Divilley and Katy Tabor.

“This is what you can achieve if you work hard,” Janice accompanied by her longstanding right arm Joy Everett told the young ones at the end of the show.

Next week preparations begin for the New Year production, ‘All the World’s a Stage’. As Janice said: “This is my life.”