Show at the Embassy Theatre was ‘enchanting’

CAST MEMBERS: Some of the cast from Janice Sutton's Enchanted. Photo: David Pleming
CAST MEMBERS: Some of the cast from Janice Sutton's Enchanted. Photo: David Pleming

Review by Eileen Chantry: Janice Sutton’s Enchanted certainly lived up to its title.

Her shows are always notable for their surprise element and there were plenty of surprises in store.

It was quite a departure from her previous New Year Productions with the audience being taken on a journey to a magical kingdom by two children whose quest is to reverse a curse.

En route they come across an assortment of characters and as in all good fairy stories good conquers evil and all live happily ever after.

Costumes and scenery were stunning and the clever use of a scrim in the opening sequence added a special dimension.

There were many contrasts in dance style and in visual effects, in particular the vivid reds and greens of the Norwegian and Russian costumes contrasting with the ice blue and white in the ballet scene.

The tiny tots as elves and penguins, toys and dolls brought their own extra sparkle to the Frozen finale of the first half.

The second half with its innovative Can Can and Pocahontas and the Indian Braves themes contrasted with the wicked wood scene where black, orange and lime green were used to full effect.

The grand finale where the two children, charmingly played and sung by Kaycee Smith and Billy Hussey, reversed the curse was quite breathtaking.

Trevor Fenton narrated the story and also treated the audience to his vocal talents. Also showing their vocal talents were Jo Fitzwilliams as Milificent the evil one and Sally Hobbins in the roles of the Good Fairy and Mrs Potts.

Thanks to a talented line up of dancers and singers, the production team of Janice Sutton, Joy Everett, Andrew Davison and Claire Smith, who wrote part of the show and musical director Keith Weston this sparkling show with its atmospheric lighting, special effects and rich tapestry of colour certainly cast its spell over the audience and left them enchanted.

l Janice is still looking for some keen boys who can sing for her forthcoming production of Oliver she can be contacted on 01205