Review: Movies and Musicals by Eileen Chantry

What's On.
What's On.

Janice Sutton Theatre School’s Movies and Musicals at the Embassy Centre was a fast moving colourful spectacular.

From the opening of the Charlie Chaplain era through to the sparkle of La La Land and such hits as Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with its impressive hit song Step in Time and they all did step in time.

Morris dancing, circus skills and rodeo styles were all explored.

In contrast, there was the the gritty and emotional Blood Brothers in which Stacey Gough and Trevor Fenton gave dramatic performances as the brothers.

Claire Smith and Katy Meadows were compelling as the Mothers.

The Rock musical and We Will Rock You number were one of many highlights in this pulsating, rhythmic production featuring more than 70 dancers.

Innovative dance styles, fabulous costumes and impressive lighting, glitz and glamour were all interwoven into this production thanks to the expertise of Janice Sutton, Claire Smith, Joy Everett and Andrew Davison.

Andrew found himself having to take centre stage when through the illness of one of the cast he had to step in for one of the sequences. As they say the show must go on and it does every Thursday night at 7.30pm until August 31.

Review by Eileen Chantry.