REVIEW: Fashionably Late was ‘funny, heartwarming and sad’

'Much to admire' ... Fashionably Late.
'Much to admire' ... Fashionably Late.

Fashionably Late, a two-hander written and performed by Ginny Davis at Spilsby Theatre was a funny, heartwarming and sad play.

Ginny as Ruth the mother of three children is planning a joint party for her husband’s 60 and son Fred’s 18 birthday.

She also switched roles and accents with ease to convincingly play her own mother.

James Goldsworthy played both Fred and his father as well as an assortment of characters, successfully switching roles and perfectly capturing the essence of each character.

Both Ginny and James commanded attention from their first entrance and they knew how to milk the comedy as well capturing the tenderness and pathos of this story of a family trying to be optimistic whilst coping with a tragedy.

There was much to admire in this production in particular the performers interaction with each other and with the audience, also the lighting and special effects and in particular Ginny’s facial expressions and her moments of stillness which spoke volumes.

Review Eileen Chantry

(Play was watched on April 14)