No chips required for Man vs Burger

Have you got  the stomach for this dish?
Have you got the stomach for this dish?

Have you got the stomach to step up to the plate for this belly busting dish?

With 96oz of beef, 24 slices of cheese and 10oz of bread there is plenty to chew on in the Man vs Food Challenge. A prize of £300 is up for grabs for the person who can clear their plate the quickest in the competition organised by Skegness caterer Michael Moody.

The qualifying round takes place tonight (Wednesday) at Marine Main Bar, 7.30pm with eight entrants lined up including last year’s runner up Stu Bog. Places remain for two more contestants. The final is set for Friday July, 11 9.30pm at The Marine Boathouse. The top two or three contestants with the least food left on their plates tonight will go through to the final.

The challenge is taking place to co-incide with the UK Speed Weekend at Skegness Stadium.

Michael said: “The whole town seems to be getting behind it and involved it’s become a massive talking point.

“It’s our second year doing this contest, last year it was a fantastic success. We hold it before one of the largest motor racing events of the year at the stadium where our catering unit is based.

“Thousands of drivers and fans come from all over for this one event and enjoy an evening at the Marine the night before. I would love to see somebody local win this like last year when Nathan Holford won it.

“I’m offering £300 to one person on the Friday if they eat all of it within the 45 minutes as long as it stays down until after the time is up.”