X-Factor faves for Fest

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X-FACTOR favourites The Reason 4 have been announced as a late-breaking act at this year’s SO Festival.

The four-piece, who were catapulted to prominence in the 2010 series of the X-Factor, are set to be the support act for Lulu on the closing night this Sunday evening.

Their debut single is just two weeks away.

So now is the perfect opportunity for fans of the show to grab them live before they hit it big.

“The Reason 4 – Nathan, Scott, Glenn and Marc - aren’t your average group,” said a spokesperson.

“Unless you were living in a cave, you’ll recognise them from the 2010 series of The X Factor.

“No they didn’t win, but it put them on the map and has helped realise a 10-year ambition for the Southampton four –piece.

“As much as reality shows derive the novelty, on paper four singing builders would have you reaching for the remote.

“But The Reason 4 captured the country’s imagination.

“Not only do they have a legitimate harmony, but also their experiences, friendship and the fact that they are men not boys, make them authentic.”

First single, Take It All, is slated for an August 7 release, and is described as a euphoric slice of grown up pop. Their debut album is expected to be released this autumn.