Up and coming Josh Taerk ‘excited’ about supporting The Soldiers in Skegness

Canadian singer-songwriter Josh Taerk will be performing in Skegness this month.
Canadian singer-songwriter Josh Taerk will be performing in Skegness this month.

An up and coming young singer-songwriter, hailed as the next Bruce Springsteen, is returning to Skegness this month to support popular British Army three-piece The Soldiers.

Josh Taerk will be performing at The Embassy Theatre on Saturday, February 23, during his third UK tour supporting the much loved military singing group.

Josh Taerk.

Josh Taerk.

The 22-year-old Canadian musician says he is looking forward to bringing his new live band to SKegness, after last year’s solo acoustic show.

Speaking to the Standard, Josh said: “There’s no place I would rather be than on stage performing to everyone and anyone who will listen - be prepared for some great stories, great music and a hell of a good time.

“I played in Skegness last February and I loved it - the people that came to the show were so receptive to live music and new music too, so I’m really excited to be coming back.

“This is the first time that I’ve performed with a full band set-up and all of the guys are phenomenal musicians, we have a really great time on stage and that really comes across when we are performing together.

“The solo acoustic tour was really great because of the intimacy you get with the crowd and that one-on-one connection but the energy we get with the full band is terrific and everyone is responding really well to the excitement and playfulness on stage.”

Raised on a ‘healthy diet of 70s and 80s rock,’ the enigmatic young star describes his music as Americana with leanings toward rock ‘n’ roll.

Citing musicians such Springsteen, Jackson Browne and Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows as his influences, Josh hopes to emulate their poignant story-telling lyricism to take listeners on a beguiling journey through his own personal experiences.

“People like Springsteen really inspired me, not only as a song-writer but also as a performer - his energy is unbelievable and every time he sings he puts 150 per cent into it, which creates a much bigger story for the audience than just the song itself, because you know it means so much to him,”

“It really helps people relate to a particular song and gravitate towards it - and that’s definitely something I try to emulate.

“It’s one of the most rewarding things as a song-writer when you talk to some of the audience during the interval and they say it was like I was singing specially for them and we really connected.”

Two weeks in to his 23-date tour, Josh says it is great to be back with The Soldiers, who have supported him so much in his young career.

“The Soldiers are fantastic performers - they put a lot of energy and fun into their live shows and it makes for a really great gig.

“I admire them a lot for their stage presence and how open they are about their experiences as soldiers - they carry that with them on stage and it shows.”

Josh’s upcoming visit precedes the release of his first single ‘Smell the Roses’ on May 6 and his self-titled debut album ‘Josh’ due out later this year, which have been shaped by audiences commenting on his live shows over the past two years.

“The first two tours generated an incredible amount of feedback, which has been crucial in deciding what direction to take with the record,” he said.

The Standard has two pairs of tickets to give away for the Embassy Theatre show on February 23 - so pick up your copy this week to enter.

Tickets for the show are available from The Embassy Theatre Box Office on 0845 674 0505.

To find out more about Josh visit his website.

And for details about The Soldiers visit their website