Music studio offers exciting new prize

Rob Harrison of Long Haired Music record label and studio.
Rob Harrison of Long Haired Music record label and studio.

A NEW record label and music studio has teamed up with the organisers of Spilsby’s Got Talent to offer the gifted winner a fantastic prize.

Rob Harrison, of Long Haired Music, recently set a studio up in the Methodist Chapel to provide talented local musicians with a chance to share their music without breaking the bank.

By offering a free studio session to the winner of Spilsby’s Got Talent, he hopes to forge ties with the local community and establish a harmonious working relationship with its musical fraternity. He said: “We really want to get involved with the local community, Spilsby is such an amazing location to work from and we thought this would be a good chance to say ‘hi we’re here, come and get involved and make a record’.”

Spilsby Theatre’s Bruce Knight is delighted with the generous offer and feels it will make the perfect prize for the budding talent already evident in the heats that have taken place.

He said: “I’m absolutely blown away by the prize, it’s worth a lot of money and it will be an amazing opportunity.”

Rob has previously worked at a professional recording studio in London and also has a background in web design.

Long Haired Music combines both of these talents by creating a web based record label to provide talented musicians with an outlet for their work, who may not have been able to afford the costs of other professional studios.

Rob said: “Recording an album can cost thousands of pounds, which limits me in terms of who I used to be able to work with as it prices many talented musicians out of the market.

“With this, everyone gets the best of both worlds - I get to work with great musicians and they get to make a record they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise.

“We are saying to people you can make money out of what you enjoy doing and here’s the route to do it.”

Rob is currently working with four artists from the Spilsby area.

Once they have recorded their album, he will release it online through the record label and split the profits down the middle.

Not only is Rob’s concept a novel one, so too is the equipment he uses.

In an increasingly digital world, Rob has deliberately opted for vintage, analogue equipment such as a 1964 tape machine like the ones that Jimi Hendrix would have used to add depth and character to his recordings.

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l Spilsby’s Got Talent heats are taking place on Tuesday, August 21, and Thursday, August 23, before the final on Saturday August 25. All shows start at 7.30pm and tickets cost £4 for adults, £2 for children.