‘Grimewave’ to hit Skegness thanks to musician Wiley

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GODFATHER of Grime and urban musician Wiley made an offer a Skegness teenager could not refuse when he offered to help him launch his own record label.

Former grammar school pupil George Quann-Barnett (18) said he’d been a huge fan of the star from the age of 12 and went to see Wiley, of chart-topping Wearing My Rolex fame, in a video shoot in London and got chatting.

“He gave me his number and said if there was anything he could for me then I should ring him,” George said.

“I texted him after the shoot and said I wanted to do music management when I got older. He replied that he could get me involved in it but then never got back to me. I didn’t like to pester him so I left it and then got talking to Louis Searrano from Peterborough on Facebook and we set up our label Launchpad. We contacted Wiley through Twitter and he agreed to release a song through us. We did our research and were able to come up with what he wanted.

“We were really happy but we only gave us a week to record and get the single out. We couldn’t shoot a video as we wanted and Wiley wouldn’t postpone the release so we went with what we had.”

With just one week to promote the single Radio Kid, they managed to get it to number 165 in the iTunes chart.

“Wiley allowed us to release another track ‘Joombi’ which got to number eight in the iTunes electronic chart and we now have another release due out on February 6 with a new artist called Trey Mission from Canada,” George said.

The teenager from Seacroft will be on Radio 1Xtra as interest in Launchpad intensifies. Meanwhile, time appears to be right for new independent producers, and artists as sales of traditional discs fall and online sales soar. George said that where once as many as 250,000 sales of a single was needed to get to number 1, now only 60,000 are needed to achieve the same aim.

The former employee of Home Bargains in Skegness is also currently studying business management at Swansea University to give him an all round view of the best way to manage his promising new career.