Firsby flowers honour First World War fallen

Poppies at Firsby Flower Festival
Poppies at Firsby Flower Festival

The poppies that blossomed in the fields of Flanders were adopted as a symbol of the sacrifice of the First World War.

Firsby Flower Festival marked the 100th anniversary of the conflict with displays and memorabilia at St Andrew’s Church.

Many visitors attended the beautifully decorated church where flower arrangements commemorated the fighting and loss of lives at the battles of Somme, Ypres, Vimey Ridge, Verdun, and the Gallipoli Campaign.

First World War displays acknowledged the bravery and courage of those who fought for King and Country including dogs, pigeons and horses.

Poems and war artists’ work were shown and a handwritten account of Vera Verdun whose brother died on the day she was born at the Battle of Verdun.