Paddy McGuinness helps Skegness lad get a date on ITV’s Take Me Out

James Woods and Paddy McGuinness on Take Me Out. Image: ITV Pictures
James Woods and Paddy McGuinness on Take Me Out. Image: ITV Pictures

A caravan salesman from Skegness pitched up before an audience in its millions at the weekend as a contestant on ITV’s hit show Take Me Out.

James Woods was among the four brave boys to emerge from the ‘love lift’ hoping to impress one of 30 single ladies, the so-called ‘Flirty 30’, on Saturday evening’s show.

The format of the show involves a single man being introduced to the group and over a series of rounds there is an chance for the girls to turn off a light and rule themselves out of a date overseas with him - leading to the now-famous phrase ‘no likey, no lighty’.

If any of the girls are still interested in him by the end of the rounds, the man can then select his preferred partner from the remainder.

James, who told the group people call him ‘the Daniel Craig of Skegness’, chose Bev, a full-time beautician from Rotherham, for a romantic getaway to the ‘Isle of Fernando’s’.

The 21-year-old, who works as a caravan sales adviser at Southview Leisure Park, spoke to The Standard this week about his time on the show.

“It was amazing, the whole experience,” he said.

James applied to be on the show after being egged on at work, he said. Of being judged as part of the ‘no likey, no lighty’ process, he said: “It was all right. I had more positive than negative, so just took [the negative] with a pinch of salt. I had quite a few girls leave their lights on for me.”

His appearance has caused a stir among family and friends, here in Lincolnshire and his former home of Wales.

He said: “My Facebook has been going mad. People back home in Wales have seen me on it. People in Skegness and Lincolnshire have been messaging me. All my family and friends have been ringing me, saying I came across really nice.”

On Saturday, viewers will be able to see how his date with Bev went.