£46k for Alford Craft Market Centre

Alford Craft Market Centre is to receive £46,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to create a pottery and glass workshop.

The centre was one of the three groups which had the most votes cast in the Lottery Fund’s People’s Projects competition in the ITV Yorkshire South region.

We would like to heartily thank everyone who voted for the project

Alford Craft Narket spokesman

The Old Bakehouse, formerly part of Thornalleys butcher’s premises in the Market Place, will be refurbished to equip it for the new craft workshops.

A spokesman for Alford Craft Market said their committee was ‘astonished and delighted’ with the result: “The whole town took up the cause after a short film about the Bakehouse Project, and the work that the Craft Centre already does, was shown on ITV Calendar News on March 3.

“Votes were cast online and by post by people from Alford and the surrounding area as well as their friends from across the UK, and even though the town’s population is comparatively small, enough votes were cast to ensure that Alford was one of the competition winners.

“We would like to heartily thank everyone who voted for the project. Work will begin at the end of May, and the team are determined to get the pottery and glass classes up and running by the end of the year, if not before.”

l To see what classes are being held at Alford Craft Market Centre visit www.alfordcraftmarket.co.uk

To keep up with news about the project see the market’s Facebook page.