Can you crack mega omelette feast challenge?

Christian Frayne attempting the 18 egg omelette. 4QymXdmihKprTwh72EIJ
Christian Frayne attempting the 18 egg omelette. 4QymXdmihKprTwh72EIJ

Diners are being given the chance to crack a mammoth meal challenge.

Following on from its big breakfast contest, Windy’s café, in Drummond Road, Skegness, has now cooked up a mighty 18 egg omelette and anyone who can polish it off within the time limit 
gets the £15 meal free of charge.

The cafe’s owner Paul Windle said: “It’s a bit of fun. We wanted to do something for people to come to Skegness for and get them 

“It’s actually three six egg omelettes rolled into one. One is made of potatoes, cheese and onions, there’s a breakfast omelette with six sausages, three rashers of bacon, tomatoes and cheese and finally a ham, cheese and onion 

“We had to make it out of three omelettes as we couldn’t fit the 18 eggs on the griddle.

“We’re allowing an hour for people to finish it but no one has managed it yet.”

The breakfast challenge consisted of 12 bacon pieces, 12 sausages, six eggs, five black pudding, four slices of bread and butter, four toast, four fried bread, four hash browns, a four egg and cheese mixed omelette, sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes.

The world’s largest omelette was cooked up in Portugal using 145,000 eggs in 2012.