Wrestler Aaron enjoying latests role as a zombie

LEADING MAN: Aaron Waldrom, of Chapel St Leonards, will be appearing in the film Apocalypse.
LEADING MAN: Aaron Waldrom, of Chapel St Leonards, will be appearing in the film Apocalypse.

Skegness wrestler Aaron Waldrom has landed the lead role in a film set for national release in June 2015.

The action horror film, Apocalypse, focuses on a virus that causes the dead to reanimate, with Aaron’s character being one of the unfortunate souls 

Aaron, 29, from Chapel St Leonards, plays short-tempered thug and main zombie character ‘The Brut’ who he said is ‘stronger, faster, and a bit more advanced than the other zombies’.

Formerly of The Earl of Scarborough High School (now Skegness Academy), Aaron lives in Norwich with fiancée Briony, their two boys Chase and Xander and baby girl Honey. However he regularly travels to Skegness to wrestle locally.

With a full cast and crew of 100-plus, Aaron describes his biggest film to date as a ‘complete bloodbath’.

Filming took place in Oxfordshire from August 1-31, with much of it shot in a specially-built open-air studio and his latest role allowed him to rub shoulders with actor and producer Leo Gregory, known for the films Green Street, Stoned and Tristan + Isolde.

Aaron even saw his character make use of a stunt man, despite willing to do a few of the smaller ones himself.

“We filmed for eight to 10 hours each day, it was very tiring and my make-up took around two-and-a-half hours to complete, but I enjoyed every minute. It was a real experience working on a set of that size and quite scary looking at myself in the mirror,” said Aaron.

“It was really fun when we barricaded off Banbury town centre for a scene and it felt like I was famous when people came to take interest in what we were filming.”

Aaron is hoping to get local cinemas involved in screening the film, directed by Tony Jopia, next year, and says he would love to make an appearance to promote it.

Still passionate about his wrestling career, he said: “Although I would like to keep wrestling for as long as I can, acting is taking off quite nicely and I already have a few roles in the pipeline.”