Wish you were here? Well, you are!

Skegness Beach
Skegness Beach

DO you recognise the sun-kissed shoreline captured in this picture perfect postcard image?

Like more than half of Britons surveyed, you might be thinking of tropical paradises such as the Seychelles’ Long Beach or even Mexico.

In fact you should be looking closer to home - right on your doorstep in fact, as this scenic beauty is none other than our very own Skegness Beach.

Butlins showed images of the country’s best loved beaches, including Skegness, to 2,000 Brits and found that more than half of them confused their own coastline with far flung destinations in the Mediterranean, Australia and the Indian Ocean.

Butlins operation director said: “The UK coastline boasts some of the cleanest, most spectacular beaches in the world - and yet our survey shows that many Brits would rather visit less beautiful, and sometimes dirty, beaches abroad, just because they are in a different country.”

Skegness Beach recently retained its Blue Flag status after an inspection by the Marine Conservation Society recognised its high standards.