Windmill repairs update

Burgh Heritage Committee has revealed that the old sails on the town’s iconic windmill will be removed in the “near future” for safety reasons ahead of their repair.

The sails are at the end of their normal working life and will need replaced. The committee said that work to carry this out has hit an “unforeseen delay” as the county’s current millwright is set to retire. However, a new millwright has been appointed and “his first job” will be the Burgh sails.

Elsewhere the committee said progress is “already being made in other ways”. The mill shop has been redesigned, a floodlight has been installed in the car park and fittings have been acquired for redesigning the Granary Tea Room serving area.

Meanwhile the Parish Council is seeking to increase the use of the Heritage site to stage community events. The site is always on the lookout for more volunteers. Visit for details. To support the windmill lottery/bingo ring 01754 811 267.