VIDEO: Mysterious puppet show tells the tale of time at SO Festival in Skegness

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Mysterious floating creatures were seen roaming across the Skegness skyline last night as twilight descended on the town’s busiest day of SO Festival frivolity so far.

French master puppeteers Plasticiens Volant’s Big Bang performance at Pier Fields was met with a mix of appreciative awe and perplexed disappointment from the audience.

Big Bang.

Big Bang.

Although some found the parade leading up to the main showing to be rather limited, others were grateful to experience something so novel and unusual for free in the town.

“I had an excellent night at the SO Festival, maybe not to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it all the same,” said Jayne Flint.

Most people commenting, like Jayne, welcomed the opportunity to engage in something out of the ordinary.

Steph Smith said her three children aged between three and 11 all ‘loved it’ and would ‘definitely go again’ if there was another.

Opposing views were generally complaints about the timing, lack of publicity and reaction from younger children.

“What a load of rubbish,” commented one disappointed spectator.

But despite the occasional negative reaction, well over a thousand attended the performance, leaving the town buzzing well into the night.

The show told the tale of existence, moving through time from the Big Bang 14 billion years ago through to the rise of humanity.

Throughout the performance, large puppet controlled UFOs roamed without rhyme or reason while the hands on a giant clock accelerated and then slowed during different chapters in history.

Volunteers from the local community had been offered the opportunity to take part in the performance by helping to control the large inflatable puppets.

“The Big Bang volunteer roles offered those interested a fantastic opportunity to witness and be a part of a uniquely magnificent performance close up,” said James Turn, club and volunteer development officer for East Lindsey District Council.

The SO Festival continues today with a beach screening of the Garsington Opera’s Hansel and Gretel production and Andy Murray’s appearance in the Wimbledon men’s finals.

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