TV Robot Wars veteran Shane suffers defeat

Shane Swan (centre) with team members Stephen McCullagh and Anthony Murney. Picture: Alan Peebles.
Shane Swan (centre) with team members Stephen McCullagh and Anthony Murney. Picture: Alan Peebles.

Seasoned Robot Wars competitor Shane Swan, from the East Kirkby-area, says he is “still thinking about calling it a day” after disappointment in this year’s competition.

Shane appeared on the popular BBC Two show on Sunday evening with his creation Push to Exit.

The flipper-style robot made a promising start, flipping one of its two rivals in the initial Group Battle stage within the opening seconds.

However, it would go on to lose to the other competitor – the spinner Magnetar, the eventual winner of Sunday’s show – with technical issues preventing it from getting back in the fight after it was flipped onto its top.

Then, in the Redemption Round – where losing robots face-off for another chance at winning a place in that week’s Semi-Final – Push to Exit met with further technical problems and ultimately lost on the judges’ vote.

It led to Shane, who was making his third appearance on the show, questioning as whether or not to continue in the battling bot business.

Speaking to The Standard on Monday, he said: “The battles obviously could have gone better for sure. With fighting robots you need a lot of skill and a lot of luck. I have been very unlucky with silly faults on the robot, which in the end cost me the fights. The other teams did great and I wish them well in the 10-way melee next week which is worth tuning in for on its own.”

He added: “I am still thinking about calling it a day, although after the episode was aired I have had a lot of support to carry on so will just have to see on that one.

“I have been doing the robot fighting thing for many years now and the upcoming youth and tech are simply awesome.

“I may teach these whippersnappers how to do things old school but we’ll see – perhaps have a nice rest over Christmas and make a decision then.”