TV REVIEW: Feeling old with the BRIT Awards, new-found love of curling and Six Nations bear-baiting

James Waller-Davies
James Waller-Davies

Reviewer James Waller-Davies offers his take on the week’s telly...

There are a number of things that make you feel old: policemen and doctors being younger then you, video games... and pop music.



I suspect that that even using the terms “video game” and “pop music” in 2014 means I should be locked up in a box in and sent back to 1977.

However, having watched The BRIT Awards 2014 (ITV), I now feel better. Anyone over the age of ten probably felt old having to listen to James Corden patronising them all night as though they were seven.

British music is not in good health. Once upon a time, a band had to spend years practising in garages and touring grotty pubs before they got a shot at an award. Today all it takes is to win a Saturday night talent show or pass a beauty contest for a place in a boy or girl band.

A quick dash to my Facebook page to get the expert opinions of the under-30s didn’t get the response I thought I’d get. Not many actually wanted to defend “their” music. Most thought it over-commercialised and shallow.

I did find out that not knowing who Beyoncé is is pretty much a criminal offence in Skegness, but acceptable in Lincoln. And I can’t even repeat what Beth from Boston said - but, no, I haven’t been “living under a goddamn rock”. For those of you who are still in the dark, Beyoncé is a singer, apparently.

Perhaps David Bowie, winning his second Best British Male award 20 years after his last, made the best comment on the evening. He didn’t even show up to collect his prize.

If you now know what a skip sweeping a drawn hammer into the house means, then you too have become a fan of curling this week. Britain’s women’s and men’s teams added a bronze and a silver to our medal tally at the Sochi Winter Olympics (BBC). Just as with last week’s sliding tea-tray gold in the skeleton, we’ve shown we can be world beaters in sports that make use of household equipment.

And finally, bear-baiting is legal again. The annual Six Nations Rugby (BBC) which gives Wales’ Eddie Butler five goes at baiting England’s Brian Moore into apoplexy is in full swing. Moore almost exploded this weekend when England’s Danny Care was the only person in Western Europe not to see the three-man overlap to his right. Fortunately England won and Moore survived. The finale of this year’s bear-baiting will be at Twickenham in two weeks time.