Skegness Standard office hosts May Jones’ ‘Hildred Hotpants’ throughout SO Festival

As the region gears up for 10 days of cultured fun - even the boring old Skegness Standard office is getting itself in on the act.

Throughout this year’s SO Festival we’re proudly hosting Addlethorpe collage artist May Jones’ innovative take one what Skegness means to her.

May Jones beside Hildreds Hotpants in the Skegness Standard office.

May Jones beside Hildreds Hotpants in the Skegness Standard office.

“With Skegness you either love it or hate it and that’s what I really wanted to get across,” she said.

“You either love the fact that it’s the way that it is or it revolts you.”

Hildred Hotpants is formed from a half mannequin, bejewelled with almost 10,000 rhinestone gems, hand placed over more than 60 hours.

May discovered the mannequin when helping to set up the H-Art gallery in La Senza’s former Hildreds Centre unit.

“They were going to put them in the skip and I thought I would rescue them,” she said.

A larger mannequin, with torso and head, was used to make her Sunflowers piece, whereas this midsection statue, with its ‘pert bottom’ formed Hildred Hotpants.

The backside features ‘Kiss Me Quick’ written across a Union Jack, symbolising the traditional charms of the British seaside. And on the front, the rhinestones spell out names of things to see and do in the town.

The seaside theme continues with the podium - designed to look like a stick of rock, lovingly wrapped in cellophane. And the piece itself, when viewed from the top, also resembles the writing which runs through the sweet.

May has left postcards and a mini postbox beside Hildreds Hotpants and is inviting people viewing it to leave their comments.

The artwork has already been on show at the H-Art gallery, where May said it ‘went down really well’.

Hildreds Hotpants will be on show in the window of the Skegness Standard’s Hildreds Centre office until the SO Festival draws to a close on Sunday, July 7.