Skegness author releases final instalment of children’s trilogy

William Hussey
William Hussey
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THE FINAL instalment in a trilogy of children’s horror novels has taken Skegness author William Hussey on a whirlwind literary tour of the British Isles.

Witchfinder: The Last Nightfall, was released last month and tells the terrifying tale of 15-year-old Jake Harper’s quest to save humanity from Armageddon.

Featuring witches, demons and other unearthly characters, the novel has been eagerly received by the young fans he has met visiting schools and literature festivals in the UK and Ireland. William said: “The response from children has been brilliant, really inspirational.

“Children are very honest critics and when they like something they are literally jumping down with excitement.

“It gets you motivated to rush back and start writing again.”

As with his other novels, this latest release is set to the backdrop of historical events - this time 17th century accounts of witchcraft and its persecution.

To bring that period of history to life for his young audiences, William has been conducting mock ‘witch trials’ in which a suspected practitioner of the dark arts is cross-examined by a jury before her fate is decided. Later this year he will be bringing the witch trials to libraries and schools in Alford and Skegnes, for youngsters to partake in the role playing experience.

The Skegness novelist also leads creative writing classes on ‘how to write a killer story’ and has been pleased to read letters from fans who were encouraged to start their own stories following their participation in such workshops.

The trilogy has received critical praise from esteemed reviewers and sales have impressed its publisher Oxford University Press sufficiently for them to commission William to write another series.

The new collection, called Phantasmagoria, is based on supernatural objects and he has already begun the first instalment called “Ghost Machine” featuring a paranormal device discovered by the famous inventor Thomas Edison.

l Witchfinder: The Last Nightfall is available to buy now.