New dimension for Skegness cinema

CINEMA-goers in Skegness are set to be taken to a whole new dimension in future after the Tower Cinema installed a 3D screen.

The cinema’s new screen went live in time for the launch of the summer blockbuster Green Lantern last week.

And news of the new screen means that those wishing to see the latest releases in 3D will no longer have to travel long distances to do so.

“It’s quite a big thing for the cinema and we’ll now be able to screen all the latest films in 3D, like the new Harry Potter,” said the cinema’s Katrina Graham.

The new 3D screen is part of a wider investment by the cinema on full digital sound and screen facilities.

The cost of installing such state-of-the-art digital systems would normally be too great for a small cinema to afford.

But it will soon be able to boast the same quality experience as a multiplex thanks to a nationwide scheme that gives small independent cinemas the opportunity to install equipment normally too expensive for all but the largest cinemas.

“The cost of the new screen was thousands, but there is going to be more significant investment in the coming summer months,” added Katrina.”

“Independent cinemas got together across the country to get screens upgraded to full digital.

“It’s really exciting news for the cinema.

“We’d never had been able to afford upgrade to digital on our own because of the scale so the installation of it is really quite a major thing for us.

The investment in 3D and digital facilities is part of a wider investment at the cinema in recent months - including a new look website.