Joe Pasquale looks ahead to Skegness shows

Joe Pasquale.
Joe Pasquale.
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Joe Pasquale is a busy man - so busy in fact, he’s no idea what’s on the cards for his stand-up shows in Skegness next month.

“I’ve not even thought about it, to be honest,” he told the Standard.

Joe Pasquale.

Joe Pasquale.

“I’m still working on Spamalot at the moment so I’ve not even put it together yet.”

But never fear - with around 30 years of showbiz experience under his belt, the squeaky-voiced comedian is sure he’ll come up with the goods in time.

“There’s probably going to be some singing and dancing, some comedy, a bit of puppetry, some magic and mind-reading too,” he said.

“I don’t normally start putting it together until it’s about to start.”

Joe says the loose planning makes for a more organic show, which gives him freedom to chop and change to suit the audiences, while keeping him on his toes as a performer.

And if he’s ever short on inspiration, the former King of the Jungle’s got a whole host of strange new props to try, which he’s picked up over the internet over recent weeks.

With psychic puppets and giant sized Elvis Presley dolls currently clamouring for space in Pasquale’s garage, there could be some unusual twists in store for audiences at the Embassy Theatre next month.

“I just look out for what’s interesting and has some appeal and then I just think about something I can use it for - it’s not rocket science,” he said.

Having started his career in comedy ‘with just a suitcase full of props’ more than a quarter of a century ago, Joe says he’s been keen to diversify to keep it fresh for audiences and intriguing for him.

Fresh from his unique appearance Dancing on Ice, Joe’s currently performing as King Arthur in Spamalot, a role he’s relished having grown up as a fan of Eric Idle, its Monty Python creator.

“It’s great to do an Eric Idle script, you just say the words and the right time in the right order - it’s like comedy by numbers,” he said.

After his two visits to Skegness next month, on August 1 and 22, Joe will be returning again for another new acting role, which he is looking forward to.

Following in the illustrious footsteps of Robert Downey Junior, Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, Joe will be adding his own unique take on the classic character of Sherlock Holmes, when he returns in October for Ha Ha Holmes! The Hound of the Baskervilles.

“There have been so many versions of it recently but I’m going to be taking it back, I’m going to be more like the guy in the 40s, Basil Rathbone,” he said.

So with three performances in Skegness, in just three months, what is it about the town that keeps Joe coming back?

“I like Skegness because you can buy a tin of air,” he said.

“I also like the Jolly Fisherman - I met him once, he was walking near the seaside, looking very hot on a scorching day - if I seem again I’ll buy him an ice-cream.

Joe’s Summer Tour visits The Embassy Theatre, Skegness, on Thursday, August 1, and Thursday, August 22. Both shows start at 7.30pm and tickets cost £18 for adults, £17 for over 60s and £11.50 for children.

Ha Ha Homes - The Hounds of the Baskervilles takes to the stage at The Embassy Theatre, Skegness, on Friday, October 25. Tickets cost between £18.50 and £20.50. Contact the Box Office on 0845 6740505.

To win tickets for the August 22 show, pick up this week’s Standard and fill in the entry form.