Janice Sutton dance troupe wows audience

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JANICE Sutton’s Gotta Sing Gotta Dance at the Embassy last Friday certainly lived up to its title.

Over the years we have come to expect a very high standard from these summer spectaculars and each year the standard just gets higher.

It is not surprising therefore that Janice has scooped two major awards this year - the Carl Alan in London and nearer to home the Teacher award in the recent Skegness Standard champions Awards.

As always this was a fast paced high octane production imaginatively staged and choreographed with lots of oomph and razzle dazzle.

All genres of dance were explored including disco, motown and jazz and there was a nod to the sixties with flower power and the dawning of Aquarius.

It is unfair to give too much away and spoil it for those who have yet to see the show but as we all know the hallmark of Janice’s shows is the surprise element and there were lots of surprises.

The precision and timing throughout was spot on thanks to the production team of Janice, Joy Everett, Andrew Davison, Keith Watson and Claire Smith.

Add to this the sheer energy and exuberance of the talented vocalists and performers, the stunning costumes and special effects all woven into a rich tapestry of colour.

The whole show can best be summed up in the grand finale of Oh What a Night and it certainly was a night to remember. You can catch this show on Fridays at 7.30pm at the Embassy until September 16.

l For more information or to book tickets call 0845 674 0505 or visit www.embassytheatre.co.uk.

Alternatively, pop along to the box office at Grand Parade, Skegness during normal opening hours.