Help request for Heritage hub

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ORGANISERS hoping to establish a community and heritage hub in the heart of Skegness have urged for the support of Skegness Town Council.

The Reverend Malcolm France explained his aspirations for St Matthew’s Church to become such a venue to councillors during the public session of Wednesday’s Skegness Town Council meeting.

He said: “I would like to bring the council’s attention to the community project that’s suggested to be based at St Matthew’s Church.

“It’s the biggest community space right in the town centre.

“Many community activities take place there every day, every week, every year.

“Anyone who has been in the building knows that it is not fit for purpose but we’ve been given permission to apply for £500,000 to bring the building into better shape for the community.”

Rev France also distributed a prospectus outlining the improvements the Skegness Group Of Churches and the Skegness Partnership has in mind for the church.

Their intention is to establish a heritage centre, with information about the history and identity of the local area, linking with other churches and nearby heritage sites such as Alford Manor House to create a tourist trail for visitors to travel along.

Improvements to the church’s interior would also benefit community groups currently using the space and expand its potential to cater for a wider variety of additional organisations.

The prospectus also described the possibility of initiating a bike sharing scheme for the use of tourists and to promote healthy living amongst residents.

The total costs of the improvements is scheduled to cost over £700,000, which Rev France and his partners hope to fund with National Lottery grants and additional European money.