Fears over Carnival Week future spark ‘urgent’ plea

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The Skegness Carnival Com mittee has issued an urgent plea for more volunteers to help out with the hugely popular annual celebrations - amid fears it might have to fold unless more people come forward.

Carnival Week in Skegness is one of the town’s most popular annual events.

Carnival Day itself regularly pulls thousands of visitors onto the streets to watch the colourful float parade.

And all manner of other events also prove exceptionally popular year in and year out - including the 999 Gala, the sand sculpting competition, the beautiful baby contests and much more.

But, with the parade costing more than £5,000 per year on its own, the committee needs more people to not only help fundraise to cover the expenses but also help out with the running and planning of the festivities.

A spokesperson for the Carnival Committee said: “We desperately need volunteers to carry on the work of the Skegness Carnival.

“If we do not get the help there is a strong possibility that the Carnival will no longer be able to survive.

“We are a non-profit making organisation taken over from the Skegness Town Council.

“Each year we run the Carnival Week in August for locals and visitors.

“This consists of the Carnival parade, the sand sculpting competition, a pavement artists contest, Tiny Tots Show, Baby Show, Pet Show (with stalls), and the 999 Day on the Pier Field.

“During the year we hold craft markets, Christmas markets, the Santa Grotto in the Hildreds Centre and many more fundraising events.

“All of the monies from these events go back into the funds to organise the next carnival for the benefit of Skegness town, the area and businesses.

“it costs more than £5,000 just to run the Carnival Parade day. Therefore we need help with fundraising in this particular area.

“If you are able to give just a few hours to help on any of our events, or to join our committee, please call Margaret Taylor on 01754 761 541.

“We will be holding an informal meeting to welcome new members to explain our needs and future events, so why not give us a call.”

This year’s Carnival Week runs from August 10 to 16.