A review of Dad’s Army at Neverland Theatre and Arts Centre

What's on.
What's on.

East Coast Players made a welcome return to the Neverland Theatre to stage Dad’s Army for four nights.

Doug Smith again reprised his role of Capt Mainwaring whose task is to bring order to the chaos around him.

His mannerisms and facial expressions were spot on.

Jon Molson starred as the mild mannered Sgt Wilson who tries to pour oil on troubled waters.

Alan Watkinson excelled as Cpl Jones, Ian Clarke as Frazer who is certain they are doomed, Jamie Docherty as Pike, John Howell as Godfrey and Dave Houghton as Pte Walker were all convincing.

Steve Kent stepped easily into the combined roles of the U Boat Capt, with a very good German accent, and civilians Mr Cheeseman and Mr Gordon.

Emma Sippitts as Mrs Gray, smitten by Capt Mainwaring, gave a very sympathetic performance.

Melany Etherington milked the humour for all it was worth as Mrs Fox.

Others commanding attention were David Taylor as Chief Warden Hodges, Debbie Kightley as Mrs Pike, Lisa Dennis as Ivy Samways and Lisa Howell as Edith Parish.

There was much to admire in this Gary Starr production - attention to detail, lighting and music captured the era perfectly.

There were several high spots but one of the funniet had to be the Morris dancing scene.

The pace was well maintained throughout, especially in scenes which bordered on farce.

Lovers of Dads Army are familiar with catch phrases such as Stupid Boy and Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring but there was nothing stupid about this play and certainly nothing to panic about.