Victory rings out

The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Skegness Domino League


Division One: Bell Ringers 6 Pot Bellies 3, Ex-Service W 7 Railroad Robbers 2, Railroad Rangers 5 Seaview Lads 4, Seaview Nil 5 Ex-Service Squares 4.

Division Two: Ex-Service Newbies 4 Ex-Service Shufflers 5, Finnigans 6 Highway Dominators 3, Stumblers 3 Railroad Xl 6, WMC Sambucas 2 Liberal B 7.

This week’s 3-0 table winners: Terry Doane (Ex-Service W), B. Harpham (Railroad Rangers), M. Harpham (Railroad Rangers), Gillian Herrington (Railroad Xl), Graham Polson (Railroad Xl), Hayley Reeson (Liberal B), Matt Reeson (Liberal B), Neal Wagstaffe (Ex-Service W).

The 3-0 leaderboard: 2 - Stephen Calladine (Garden City), H. Goy (Seaview Lads), B. Harpham (Railroad Rangers), P. Leonard (Stumblers), L. Parker (Railroad Rangers), Ian Singlehurst (Garden City).