Tanjobi celebrations for the young Cobra martial artists

Tanjobi presentations.
Tanjobi presentations.

The Cobra Ju-Jitsu Club’s junior group follow the Japanese way by awarding their students the honorary title of tanjobi (birthday).

Each month, students who have a birthday in that period receive a card and present.

In February Conner Annbal, Jade Leggett, Thomas Hall and Rio-Scott Watson were all on the receiving end of a gift.

Cobra Senior Sensei Nick Preston dished out the presents.

The Cobra Ju-Jitsu club meet every Friday (juniors 6.30pm-7.30pm/seniors 7.45pm-9.15pm) at Studio 2 of the Lisa Jay Stage Institute, Grosvenor Road, Skegness.

For details call Nick Preston on 07923 366 210.