Squares toll the bell for the Ringers

Ex-Service Squares produced the biggest win in Division One the Skegness Domino League during the week of 20 November, beating Bell Ringers 7-2.

Full results: Division One - Bell Ringers 2, Ex-Service Squares 7; Ex-Service Hotspots 5, Pot Bellies 4; Ex-Service W 4, Seaview Nil 5; Railroad Rangers 6, Railroad Robbers 3.

Division Two - Ex-Service Newbies 5, Railroad Xl 4; Garden City 8, Ex-Service Shufflers 1; Wmc Sambucas 5, Stumblers 4.

The week’s 3-0 table winners were: Wendy Bright (Ex-Service Hotspots), Jean Buttle (Garden City), S Godber (Ex-Service W), J Kelleher (Stumblers), R Kelleher (Stumblers), J Knowles (Ex-Service Hotspots), A Seaman (Garden City), John Strong (Ex-Service Squares), Ray Thomas (Garden City), John Unsworth (Garden City), Dave Wagstaffe (Ex-Service W), Pete Wilcox (Ex-Service Squares).

In the previous week many games were very even, with five of the eight played ending in 5-4 scorelines.

Full results: Division One - Ex-Service Squares 6, Ex-Service W 3; Pot Bellies 3, Railroad Rangers 6; Railroad Robbers 4, Bell Ringers 5; Seaview Lads 3, Ex-Service Hotspots 6; Seaview Lads 5, Bell Ringers 4.

Division Two - Ex-Service Shufflers 5, Finnigans 4; Highway Dominators 5, Garden City 4; Railroad Xl 5, Wmc Sambucas 4

The 3-0 table winners were: R Annable (Finnigans), Wendy Bright (Ex-Service Hotspots), T Elmer (Railroad Rangers), P Jones (Railroad Rangers), J Knowles (Ex-Service Hotspots), M Scott (Seaview Lads), Y Sharman (Finnigans), M Widdowson (Seaview Lads).