Southview Skegness Open angler continues his fine form

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Southview Skegness Open

IN form Russ Parsons made it a second win in as many weeks at the latestopen meeting, with a total weight of 84lb 8oz.

Russ was fishing 14m out with pellet up in the water, and caught carp steadily throughout the match to take the victory.

Sitting on the next peg was Derick Chapman, of Southview, who fished with a 16m pole and pellet up in the water for a runners-up haul of 72lb 8oz.

Results: 1 Russ Parsons, Skegness MG, 84lb 8oz; 2 Derick Chapman, Southview, 72lb 8oz; 3 Gavin Butler, Maver Tech, 35lb 13oz; 4 Terry Moakes, Southview, 25lb 3oz; 5 John Taylor, Maver Tech, 24lb 8oz; 6 Shaun Higginbottom, Maver Tech, 22lb 2oz; 7 Joe McCormack, Southview, 22lb.