Skegness Triathlon Club compete at Southwell

Michyla Clark, Mike Irving, Mark Wheeler, Michael Clark at Soutwell.
Michyla Clark, Mike Irving, Mark Wheeler, Michael Clark at Soutwell.

Skegness Triathlon Club members were in action at Southwell at the weekend.

While others were topping up their tans, Michael Irving, Martin Jessop, Mark Wheeler, Michyla Clark and Michael Clark from the Skegness Triathlon Club were competing in the Southwell Sprint triathlon, second of the Midlands Sprint series, held at Southwell leisure Centre on Sunday, May 18.

With the sun out, temperatures soared to 25c making for a tough time.

All completed the course and were extremely hot by the time they crossed the finish line, but all in good spirits.

The triathlon was extremely well organised and marshalled and the Skegness

Triathlon Club send their thanks to the organisers, One Step Beyond Promotions.

Times for this hot Triathlon were:

Mark Wheeler - Swim 8:20, T1 0.57, Bike 32.05, T2 0.53, Run 22.02, Total 1hr 4 mins 29 secs; Michael Irving - Swim 9:09, T1 1.03, Bike 33.36, T2 1.03, Run 26.27, Total 1hr 11 mins 16 secs; Martine Jessop - Swim 9:16, T1 1.30, Bike 36.04, T2 0.58, Run 27.04 Total 1hr 14 mins 49 secs.

Michyla Clark - Swim 9:36, T1 1.11, Bike 38.35, T2 0.51, Run 26.56, Total 1hr 17 mins 16 secs; Michael Clark - Swim 11:00, T1 1.46, Bike 39.36, T2 0.59, Run 40.50, Total 1hr 34 mins 10 secs.

Meanwhile, another club member, Jamie Gordon was also racing in the Auburn Triathlon, California, USA.

This is a very tough Olympic distance triathlon consisting of a 1500m open water swim, 42km Bike and a 10km run.

The bike course was very undulating out there and the temperatures way above what Jamie has been used to training in.

After the race, Jamie posted a message on his Facebook wall, which read: “Auburn done!!! It was so brutal but I did it!!! Hot hot hot and hilly! Triathlete 279 fell on the trail run and broke her arm - I ran 1.5 km fast to get help - adrenaline rules! She’s ok thankfully.”