Skegness to host new beach sports

Skegness beach will host two new sports this weekend.
Skegness beach will host two new sports this weekend.

THIS SUMMER Skegness will welcome two new beach sports.

Extreme sports and football inspired beach athletics will hit the shores of Skegness for the first time ever as part of East Lindsey Live.

Organised by East Lindsey District Council, the International Footvolley Championship will run from Saturday, August 4 to Sunday, August 5.

It will see the top 12 teams from across the world compete to be crowned Skegness Footvolley Champions 2012.

Footvolley combines beach volleyball and the rules of football and involves players hitting the ball to each other over a volleyball net without using their hands.

Originating in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, in 1965, the sport has gained popularity across the world, with Brazilian football legend Romario hoping to make it an Olympic event by the 2020 Games.

Skegness will also host the East Coast UK Slackline Championship on Saturday, August 18.

The latest craze in extreme sports, Slacklining combines gymnastic and circus skills and involves performing tricks and stunts whilst balancing on a bouncy, stretchy tightrope.

People interested in taking part can also come along to the Footvolley Community Event on Friday, August 3 and a Slackline Workshop and Demonstration on Saturday, August 4 for a chance to try out these new beach sports for themselves.

Matthew Archer, Senior Cultural Officer at East Lindsey District Council, said: “Our volleyball, beach cricket and rounders tournaments have become a real success over the years and we hope that Footvolley and Slacklining will receive the same interest with the community.

“We’re encouraging people to come down to the beach, watch some world class sport and get involved in the action.

“The East Lindsey Live programme is an important part of our efforts to support the economy by broadening the tourist offer and attracting additional visitors.”

Nick Dugdale-Moore, Business Development Manager for UK Footvolley, said: “It’s great that we are able to take Footvolley to the East Coast and showcase the Sport in Skegness.

“It’s especially exciting for us given the timing of the competition and the buzz around live sport in the UK at the moment. We’ll be doing everything we can to put on a great show.”

Ashley Burleigh, Director of Tri-Slacklining, added: “The event has been designed to allow everyone, from beginners to professionals, to have a go at Slacklining.

“Throughout the day, people can come along to watch the competition and can take part in our free ‘Tri Slacklining’ workshops.”

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