Skegness kickboxers make the grade

The students who took part in the grading sessions.
The students who took part in the grading sessions.

Skegness Freestyle Kickboxing recently held a grading at the SFK Gym on Heath Road, Skegness.

Seventy students from the gym took their grading in front of the black belt panel headed by chief instructor Ross Flay.

Students were presented with their belts and certificates at a presentation at the gym.

Twenty-five little ninjas took part, with the youngest being just five-years-old.

Maxi Peak scored the highest on the day to earn his brown belt black stripe with a brilliant display of kickboxing.

Chief Instructor Ross Flay said: “All of the students did the club proud demonstrating their skills and knowledge.

“It was great to see the wide range of students we have with the youngest being just 5 and the oldest being in their 40s.

“The higher grades worked very hard to earn their belts showing their skills and high fitness levels which was great to see.”

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