Skegness Indoor Bowls Club

The final match of the Lincolnshire Ladies “Trudy Bates” League proved to be a triumph for Skegness Ladies.

Having languished at the bottom of the table all season Skegness met Sleaford at Wainfleet Road.

An exceptional 34-4 winning result from the rink of Kath Chappell, Janet Booley, Ann Orton and Skip Muriel Coulson inspired the squad, who produced three other winning rinks in a 14-4 points win, 114 shots to 65.

Skips Anne Bramley 24-12, Arran Chantry 21-13 and Captain Alice Salmon 20-18 contributed greatly into what was an encouraging end to the County League.

Not having enjoyed the best of seasons in the Lincolnshire County Men’s Over 60’s Second Division, the Skegness “B” team travelled to Lincoln.

The strength of the home club was highlighted as their “C” team cruised to a convincing 120 point to 70 win but Lincoln were denied a white wash by Peter Hawkard, Clive Baxter, Graham Farndon and Roy Brummitt of Skegness, who returned a 24-13 winning card.

Playing for the “Harry Sharp” Trophy a club invitation competition, the Club Lady Captain’s team met the Club Men’s Captain’s Team.

With each team winning on two rinks and drawing the other, it was the total shot scores that decided the winners. The final total score was Men 103 shots to the Ladies 79.

It was the rink score of 29-14 from Alan Brummitt, Peter Hopkins, Jack Burrell and Graham L Simpson and 22-10 by Jim Orton, Pete Rusher, Rob Rankin and Neil Salmon that won the match for the men.

For the Ladies Jean Veall and Muriel Coulson skipped the winning rinks. Neither captain appeared on a winning rink. The annual Men v Ladies competition for the “Pendrigh” Trophy will give the ladies the opportunity for revenge when played on the 13th April.

Skegness Juniors have competed in the Lincolnshire Under 18 League with credit this season, in a recent match against Boston the squad included seven year old Oliver Cocks, Alisha Thompson, Reece Toone and Jacob Joyce who played well but found the eighteen ends of the match to be hard going as they lost by 20 shots to 12.

Skegness Ladies Alice Salmon, Brenda Rice, Jean Veall and Mandy Brummitt left the Lincolnshire Ladies County Rinks competition at the semi-final stage when defeated by Lincoln’s “A” team 22-15 at Sleaford.

The Skegness Weekend Squad travelled to Horncastle for a friendly match, Peter Hawkyard, Gloria Allen and Derek Tasker 25 shots to 10 and Keith Findley, Barbara Moorley and Peter Ord 20-11 led the scoring in a 95-77 win for the visitors.

In the “Swindell Trophy” a triangular competition between Spilsby Bowling Club, Skegness Town Bowling Club and Skegness Indoor Bowling Club, the indoor club won their final game against Spilsby 64 shots to 46 which secured the trophy.