Skegness Hildreds Netball League now well underway

WITH the season now in full flow, this week saw some great netball from all teams.

There were notable performances in defence from H Thompson (Fenland), L Sykes (Fenland), C Jones (Round table). Shooting from M Bruntlett (Hallgate), and S Riches (Academy) and centre court play from K Cunliffe (Academy) and A Shuttleworth (Jollies).

Results - Round Table 6 (Cherie Jones) Fenland 37 (Laura Sykes). Umpires’ player of the match - Cherie Jones; Hallgate 47 (Emma Dewar) Micronclean 0 (Kathryn Tutty) umpire’s player of the match - Michelle Bruntlett; Skegness Academy 36 (S.Riches & K.Cunliffe) Graham’s Jollies 4 (Amanda Shuttleworth) umpire’s player of the match - Nicki B.

The members of team Hallgate would also like to thank Craig Tarrant from Hallgate Electrical for his continuing sponsorship of the team.