Skegness Domino League


The mixed pairs Skegness Domino League competition was held at the New Park Club.

Twenty-three pairs took part in total and after seven rounds of tables, it was just the leg aggregate that seperated the top two.

P Smith and J Burkitt (New Park Rangers), with a score of six plus 11, just pipped P Goy and H Goy (Ex Service A) six plus seven.

In third place were S Godber and B Lamb (Ex Service U Watts/Stobart Gang) who finished on five minus one.

Ten pairs ended with four wins, eight with three wins, one with two and finally bringing up the rear was John Savory and L Townesend (Ex Service Shufflers) with just the one win.

All those taking part can see their team captains for a full list of finishing places.

The league would like to thank the New Park Club for its excellent buffet and hospitality.